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Mary Bonnette, PhD is a Mental Health Nurse Specialist, specializing in nicotine recovery using Electro-Auriculotherapy.  Dr. Bonnette completed her Doctoral Degree in Health Services from Walden University with a dissertation and research focus on nicotine addiction and electro-auriculotherapy using Nogier’s auriculotherapy.  She received her Master’s Degree in Mental Health Nursing from the University of South Florida, Tampa where she was awarded a Kellogg Foundation Fellow for post graduate work.  Dr. Bonnette completed Mayo Clinic’s Nicotine Dependency Counselor Training Program in Rochester, Minnesota.She is a Founding Board Member and serves as an instructor for the Auriculotherapy Certification Institute (ACI). She has taught workshops on nicotine dependency and cessation at international conferences and has offered electro-auriculotherapy in her practice since 1988, working closely with neurologist, medical internists, family practitioners, psychiatrists, cardiologists, pulmonologists, nurse practitioners and other health care professionals and agencies.