Neurotherapy Center
Integrating Therapies for Healing

Integrative Therapy involves selecting models and methods from across orientations to best suite a particular patient and situational context.  It embraces the view that there is no single therapeutic approach for a patient in all situations.  The relationship between the practitioner and the patient is important.  Individually tailored therapy methods such as electro-auriculotherapy are matched in frequency and intensity to the individual based on current stage of readiness to change, individual response to therapy, environmental and cultural circumstances and preferences. 


Electro-auriculotherapy is used in this practice to facilitate and help restore the body’s innate healing response.

Combining conventional therapies along with integrative therapies that are safe, effective, and have withstood the test of time provides a wider range of therapeutic options. Therapies used in the practice are natural and non-invasive and without adverse side effects.

Examples of therapeutic options and approaches used include:

  • Individualized electro-auriculotherapy
  • CO breath testing to monitor progress
  • Deep breathing training
  • Nicotine Dependency Education
  • Coaching/Counseling -all stages of recovery/healing
  • Detoxification, Recovery, Relapse Prevention
  • Assessment for readiness for change
  • Diet and exercise coaching
  • Communication skills training to enhance recovery process
  • Progressive relaxation training

Readiness for change Self Assessment

Select the category that best describes your motivation level right now:

_______I have no plans to change within the next year

_______Others are telling me to change but I am not ready to hear it.

_______I am beginning to think about change.
_______I have decided to make a change someday.
_______I am ready to change now.

Electro-auriculotherapy is used in all stages of the change process to promote healing and repair, restore system balance and homeostasis. For smokers/vapors who wish to become nicotine free, three-day detoxification protocols are used only in the Action stage of readiness for change. Dr. Bonnette coaches and guides you in developing effective strategies throughout the healing process.

Electro- Auriculotherapy for Detoxification

Electro-auriculotherapy is a type of neurotherapy that aids the natural biological detoxification process through applying micro electrical stimulation to nerve endings on the outer surface of the ear.  It works to help restore physiological balance sometimes called homeostasis. It is used to aid detoxification, remove blockages or obstacles and to help repair the healing process. Pro-detox nutrients such as dark fruits and green vegetables that are rich in B complex vitamins, plus vitamin C are encouraged.

​​Smokers/Vapors -Need vs. Want
Prior to having electro-auriculotherapy, smokers/vapers often think “need “(physical) and“want”(habit) to smoke/vape are one in the same.  Once electro-auriculotherapy begins, smokers/vapers, can expect a reduction or elimination of the physiological “need’ to smoke/vape, thus allowing the ability to distinguish the difference. Once “habits” are recognized and acknowledged, they can be changed.  Dr. Bonnette guides  and coaches you on strategies to replace old habits with new healthy choices.

“I finally did it and I feel great and everyday I discover NEW things I can do by being smoke-free.” -Todd

Your first appointment
The first visit usually lasts about an hour and involves a discussion about your health history and your specific health goals.  Together, we develop an individual plan to help you reach your goals.  Usually, electro-auriculotherapy is provided on the first visit so be sure to eat a light meal prior to each visit to maximize effectiveness. Most people say the procedure is relaxing and calming. A follow-up schedule is determined.  Follow-up visits may range from 15-30 minutes, depending on needs at the time of visit.

When to consider Integrative Therapies and Electro-Auriculotherapy

​Electro-auriculotherapy is used for a variety of conditions to aid and restore the healing process.  It can be used alone or to supplement other therapies that you may be undergoing.  It works well for acute health conditions and is an especially beneficial option for chronic conditions, prevention and sustaining health. In this practice, we see a range of health conditions, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Pain - acute/chronic
  • Smoking/Vaping
  • Nicotine recovery
  • Appetite/weight management
  • Women’s issues/menstrual
  • Menopause/hot flashes
  • Gastrointestinal
  • Sleep issues
  • Lung/Respiratory
  • Allergies/inflammations
  • Stress/Anxiety related issues


​Most health insurance plans do not cover integrative therapies; therefore we cannot accept insurance at this time.  If you wish to file this charge with your insurance company, submit a copy of your receipt to you insurance company along with a request for reimbursement.

The IRS considers the cost of smoking cessation programs a medical expense up to $350.00/year.